This is my California Lottery Fantasy 5 number picking system. If you live in California, this is the system for you! I prefer Fantasy 5 over any other game that the California Lottery has to offer, and I've developed this system to make it profitable. There is no guarantee that this system will work for you. However, it has treated me well, with more monetary wins than losses, over the course of time.

My suggestion for you is to begin with a starting kitty of $100 and play 10 sets of numbers each day for 10 days.

This is what I do on a daily basis: I fill out my two tickets (5 picks on each ticket) every morning, and around lunchtime, I take a walk to one of the nearby establishments where lottery tickets can be purchased. I have each old ticket checked for winners and then discarded. Then, I play the new tickets. Games with 2 winning balls generate replays, so I put them in with the others and will take them back the next day to see if they have won.

For each ticket with 5 plays, a second chance entry ticket is generated. So, when I get back home, these second chance entry numbers get put into my calottery account to give me opportunities to win in the second chance drawing.

Any winnings I receive get put back on the debit card I use. Conveniently, my bank is located nearby, so it's an quick walk to get it done. If the winning ticket is too big for the retailer to handle, I drive to the local lottery office and fill out the necessary paperwork to have a check mailed to me. Retailers can only pay up to $599. Anything higher than that has to be paid by check. It takes about 6 weeks for checks to arrive, but it's a nice feeling to see them in the mail!

If after 10 days you don't have more than $100 in winnings, the system is not working for you. So, it's probably time to devote yourself to other endeavors.

IMPORTANT: Bookmark this page! And please note that this system is absolutely FREE right now but it will become a subscription service in the near future. When that happens, this page will have all the details.

To see historical data on the system, visit the Results Thus Far page.

Seed numbers: 8 - 11 - 14 - 17 - 35

You should play these 10 number combinations before the next game:
1 13 16 19 22
6 18 21 24 27
11 23 26 29 32
16 28 31 34 37
3 21 33 36 39
2 5 8 26 38
4 7 10 13 31
9 12 15 18 36
2 14 17 20 23
7 19 22 25 28

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